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This website is dedicated to junk.

Junk I think about and stuff I make out of junk. … and possibly the odd motorcycle ramble on too.

Mainly you should know that my writings are mostly idiot, with a dash of stupid. However my stuff made from junk is … a way.





When we are purchasing, we are voting.

To me this phrase, ‘When we are purchasing, we are voting’ fully encompasses the less obvious reality of our worlds most powerful democratic tools. It was said by Paul Verhaeghe, professor of clinical psychology and psychoanalysis at the University of Ghent, during the interview linked below by Ross Ashcroft at Renegade Inc. https://www.rt.com/shows/renegade-inc/416619-business-humans-society-neoliberalism/ I decided …


This website is simply and extention of my big fat mouth.




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