Mechanics guide to fake information

Someone once said to me.  “If you find yourself reading something you fully agree with, you are reading the wrong article”.

Boobo’s guide on how to work out what is, or isn’t reality.

Can you hit it with a hammer ?

Yes;  Fine, you where their, you saw it, you heard it. I believe you, go relax.

No;  Okay, you know nothing yet, new question.

Do most of the traditional papers you read and most of the mainstream media TV news and documentaries you watch, all agree with the informations authenticity?

Yes;  Shame, its likely propaganda bull, heavily biased or a hysterical distraction to hide or create more important issues.

No;  Okay cool, it might be real. New question.

Is the information very stylish and polished, so bright in places you’re blinded and can’t quite see the mechanicals Or grey, dull and seems unassumingly styled and reasonably logical?

Yes it is very shiny, catching the suns rays and warming me as I view, which is nice;  It’s fake.

No it is mostly mundane, repetitive occasionally, and the details are typically tedious.  Okay it’s probably real. New question.

Can you recognise any of the informations parts, get your tools out, strip some down and do some investigations. Is everything inside as you’d expected it do be?

No, bits seem to be missing, very odd in places;  It’s fake.

Yes everything exactly where I’d expect;  Wow, it’s real.

PS. I notice on the subject of news authenticity, from reading many online debates which inevitably end up at the same place, so can I ask. Could everyone stop referring to our mainstream media as Hitler please.









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