Rise of the Machines

I thought is was just a Terminator movie,  but In fact we are all living the nightmare for real today in 2017.

Its financial trading algorithm based computer systems that have taken over the world and they will ensure your whole life is to their profit only.

They don’t care about people having a good life. They couldn’t give a damn if a country is at war. And they don’t care if half the world dies of thirst or starvation.  In fact all these things are just commodities to make more profits out of us.

Right now each of our individual governments are pretending their country economy is under control.   Showing reasonable evidence of their economies future ability to prosper, they pretend they can pay their energy bills tomorrow with no problems.

We all know this isn’t true,  but no country can come clean either, the pretence must go on….

Not just because if the power gets turned off the countries population are gonna take charge from the street.  No, not just that, more because those that are owed the bill, will legally take charge of our assets… Then, just like the bailiffs coming round if you don’t pay your bills, very quickly there will be nothing left, and your county will get re-named under newbie martial law becasue there was no fuel to power its starving army.

Its Catch 22, there is no solution but to continue the pretence.

It comes down to are our algorithms better than theirs.  And the horrific reality assumed today is that we must continue to trade on peoples lives more efficiently than the opposition, if we are to maintain our wealthy pretence position.

So we’ve built machines which now rule the world through finance. They are quicker and more powerful than peoples minds combined. They don’t make mistakes, never get tired or ill,  and are not punishable.  Fully independent from our infrastructure if needs be, they reside incognito, triple backed up,  self clone-able and immortal.

They are untouchable.

They are unstoppable.

And if we continue to use this path,  they will kill most of us eventually.


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